Certifications and memberships

At TPI, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations with high quality services and products. We have internationally valid standards in each of the stages of the manufacture of products and equipment in stainless steel, titanium, special alloys and carbon steel.


ASME Certification

TPI is certified in accordance with ASME BPVC Section VIII DIV 1., U stamp. This code regulates the design, manufacture and testing of construction of pressure vessels. Also, TPI has PP “Power Piping” stamp to design, manufacture, testing and stamp pressure process piping.

  • U stamp – A pressure tank totally calculated using ASME criteria and approved by a qualified inspector from the organization.
  • PP stamp – A piping totally calculated and manufactured according to ASME criteria and approved by a qualified inspector from the organization.

ASME’s interest is the protection of life and property, and that pressure vessels have a reasonably long and safe life. With all the procedures done according to the code, we make sure that the structure of the tank sustains the operation requirements and supports its design pressures. In this way, high quality production is achieved and accidents, interruption of processes, damage to property, damage to reputation, etc. are prevented.

NIBC Certification – pressure vessel repair

“The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels Inspectors” (NIBC) certified TPI in the code NB-23 to make repairs and modifications to tanks which have received U stamp and, in this way, not to lose ASME certification.

NBIC code was published as a guide for chief inspectors, being recognized as a worldwide standard for the installation, inspection, and repair or modification of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure relief devices. NBIC’s mission is to set out concrete actions and uniform policies of inspection, repair and modification of pressure vessels, always respecting the original design.