Foundation of Técnica Lechera

Técnica Lechera is founded, in the midst of the boom of milk in Chile. Ninoslav Bralic, José Zabala and José Alberto Bravo intend to create a technology-edge-product company for the dairy industry. Técnica Lechera is located in Salvador San Fuentes street, at Central Station. Composed by 8 to 12 people approximately, and they imported machinery for the dairy industry.


Office is moved to Forum Bldg. in Providencia.

New Manager

Ninoslav Bralić assumes as General Manager of the company, which would be accompanied by an increase in productive efforts, marking the beginning of the company's expansion.

Exploring new businesses

Pedro Bralić arrives to the company, the current general manager of the company. At the end of the decade the company begins to explore possibilities in the industries of juices, beverages, beers, liquors, fishing, yeast, agroindustry, chemistry, pharmacy, cellulose and mining.

Arrival at Quilicura

Pedro Bralić is appointed General Manager of TPI in replacement of Ninoslav Bralić. For his part, José Zabala resigns as chairman of the board of directors in favor of Ninoslav, even though he remained on the Holding's board of directors. TPI installs its first workshop at Panamericana Norte 9301, Quilicura, Santiago de Chile. Throughout the following years, the surrounding lands would be bought up to complete what is nowadays TPI. Tecno Leche is founded, subsidiary of TPI in Osorno, whose focus would be chemical, veterinary and milking equipment.

Change of brand

Due to the growth of the company, and to cover the new markets, the company decided to change its name to Technology of Industrial Processes S.A. (TPI in Spanish), as it is currently known.

International Association

TPI associates with the Belgian company PACKO, and PACKO America is founded. The foreign company brings TPI the necessary know-how to start in Chile the production of stainless steel tanks for milk and wine. Grand opening of the plant with authorities of the governments of Belgium and Chile.

Expansion to Argentina

The first customer of stainless steel tanks which built tanks in the TPI plant is Viña Bisquertt. In addition, Loncoleche buys TPI the first stainless steel tanks built in Chile, which began to manufacture at the end of 1993. With all this, TPI grows, and the subsidiaries of the company are born in Mendoza and Rosario, in Argentina. TPI America Holding is created.

Engineering Incorporation

TPI Engineering and Assembly is established. In response to the needs of an increasingly larger market, the company intends to deliver not only equipment, but also an engineering, manufacturing and integral assembly service.


This year Ninoslav Bralić withdraw from his professional activities, including his position in the board of directors of TPI, at the age of 72 years.

Foundation of TPI Chile

During all the previous years, TPI maintained a high level of growth thanks to the experience and quality of our company that positioned us as the national company of excellence in the field. This is how TPI Chile and TPI México were born this year. In addition, together with Omega and Arquitectos Anónimos, TPI created STEPS, a company dedicated to the integral design of viticultural plants, from architectural design to production engineering. TPI and Packo Inox decide to take separate paths, buying TPI the participation of Packo in Chile. This is how Packo America becomes what is currently TPI America.

Construction of Orafti plant

TPI actively participates in the construction of Orafti inulin plant to meet the requirements of GEA Niro engineering company, one of the largest companies in the world.

New Lab

The new detergent laboratory is built in Osorno. During the last years, TPI has grown with strength, reaching services in almost all South America, even penetrating in other continents. The ideals that founded the company are still in force, and they rely on them to look to the future with confidence.

Certifications of International Standards

The implementation process which started in 2006, of the International standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, followed by the certification by the TÜV Rheinland Group, of the Integrated Management System of TPI, now has ended: thus, achieving a systemic approach in all the key and relevant processes of the organization.

ASME Certification

With the collaboration of the Authorized Inspection Agency HSB Global Standards (The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Connecticut), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers / USA) stamps are implemented and certify ASME stamps), which certify TPI to design, manufacture and inspect pressure vessels and pipes.

Implementation of NB Stamp

With the collaboration of the Authorized Inspection Agency HSB Global Standards, NB (The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors / USA) stamp is implemented and certified, which authorizes TPI to repair pressure vessels and pipes, with ASME previously stamped, without losing quality. Then, TPI Peru is born, a subsidiary of TPI Chile whose main object is to extend the presence of the holding in such country.

New Warehouse at TPI

The new warehouse is inaugurated at TPI aimed at increasing the productive capacity, automating and professionalizing a series of processes that up to that time represented challenges of difficult resolution. This is how they bring the new Plasma Cutting machines and Plasma Welding Spools and Tanks.


Montaco is born, a company that deals with the assembly of the crushing lines at Ministro Hales, being one the largest projects TPI undertales.

Great Production

In this year TPI implements one of the largest projects in the area of Wine, manufacturing more than 100 stainless steel tanks. En este año TPI procede a realizar uno de los proyectos más grandes que haya realizado a la fecha en el área de Vinos y Licores, fabricando más de 100 estanques de acero inoxidable para las bodegas de Concha y Toro.

AWWA tanks

TPI imports its first bolted AWWA tanks which were installed at Minera Escondida, with a capacity of 2300 and 10,700 M³ app.