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Cristina Pizarro

Cristina Pizarro was born in Santiago de Chile in 1947. She studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Chile, where she was a student of Felipe Castillo, who later became her husband. In 1975, she continued her studies in Amsterdam where she studied together with the sculptor Jan Jacobs.

She has presented twenty individual and sixty collective exhibitions in numerous countries and her sculptures are presented in museums, parks and universities around the world.

She has shown great interest in ecology, linking it to her sculptures and promoting its importance.

TPI has built several of her sculptures, receiving their models and projecting them so that, in truth, they come to life.

“The cold and imperturbable presence of stainless steel becomes warm through these curved shapes, in which balance and tensions are fundamental, allowing me to intervene in space with harmony and serenity.

As a creator and ecologist, I look for the integration of my work with architecture, nature and human being”

Cristina Pizarro