For the end of line, TPI together with APE Impianti, Italian company with more than XX years of presence in the world market, provide technology at the service of our customers. APE Impianti has fully automated and versatile high speed machines to assemble boxes and package bottles.

The box assembling machine automatically assembles the box, sealing the inside slopes with taper or Hot Melt gluing. Box assembling machines have simple and robust mechanical structures with maximum speed in changeover.

The fully automatic packing machines place the bottles arriving from the bottling line to the accumulation table, to move to the cardboard or plastic boxes according to the scheme of packing in the elaboration. The head with variable speed drive for the various phases of the operating cycle and controlled by inverter, carries out the transfer of bottles with a single harmonic movement.

Box closing equipment are simple, robust, easy-to-use machines. The machine introduces the box in the closing area where it is hold, to successively close short slopes, apply the hot glue or tape, close the long slopes and seal everything with a press. With these high-quality and easy-to-use equipment, our customers always have guaranteed productivity.

For this, APE Impianti has palletizers available in different versions and of different degrees of automation, which guarantees great flexibility and adaptation to the technical requirements of each client. All the equipment are versatile in the creation and execution of several palletizing formats that can be configured directly by the user through the touch panel included in the equipment.